1-2-3 Startup

Do you need help getting started? if so, the course «1-2-3 Start-up » is the perfect option for you!

Many business initiators have questions concerning what to name theirs business, where to register, what their rights are, and how to keep track of their economy and taxes.

This cours provides efficient and essential information concerning what to do and which formalities should be in place to get your business up and running.

Price: kr. 300,- (incl. course materials)
Length: Four hours

Course contents

  • What are the requirements for starting up a business?
  • Which form of business organization should I choose?
  • What do I need to know about taxes and economy?
  • In addition, we will touch upon a range of subjects, like personal rights and risk and choosing a name for your business.

The course gives you access to free consulting