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FLY HIGH: – Spread your wings and be what you are ment to be, the two establishers of Dare to be you advises. Photo: Irene R. Mjelde

FLY HIGH: – Spread your wings and be what you are ment to be, the two establishers of Dare to be you advises. Photo: Irene R. Mjelde

– Don’t be a sheep, but if you have to at least be a pink one, Martine Onstad, one of the two establishers of Dare to be you, advices.

Text and photo: Irene R. Mjelde


DARE TO BE YOU is actually more of a movement than a firm, Elisabeth Finocchiaro (26) states.

Her and Martine Onstad (28)’s firm was established in November 2018 and in March 2019 they had their first lecture for a large number of listeners. Today, in the sunny streets of Bergen the two founders seems ready for anything and they are both eager to get more people to enjoy the same feeling.

– Our pitch is to help businesses and organizations to be more of themselves on social media. We offer lectures which will give them tools how to write, talk and navigate the online world with vulnerability, personality and unique branding, they explain.

Dare to be you’s goal is to teach people how to be more positive and open, both at internet and in real life.

– Authenticity is trendy. These days you are to show personality instead of just nice pictures and statuses.

– Don’t be like all the rest, be authentic, Finocchiaro advices.

– I feel that is a responsibility a lot of people do not take, Onstad supplies.


GRÜNDERS: Martine Onstad and Elisabeth Finocchiaro has established their own movement Dare to be you. Photo: Irene R. Mjelde


ONSTAD IS WORKING as a journalist beside her own firm. She has earlier experience as an editor in an online magazine, as a radio host, as responsible for social media in a radio channel, and as content producer for businesses. Finocchiaro is educated as a breath therapist and has had her training in Mexico and Bergen. They have both been entrepreneurs in over five years and now they are joining their companies into their common project.

– Our knowledge is exactly what we needed to start up Dare to be you. Together we want to help people connect to what they are passionate about and proper breathing is the perfect tool along the way creating the life that you want, Finocchiaro says.

She have found an excellent spot in the sun and is sipping to a cup of coffee.

– To breathe is so simple but so important. It is so easy that some people laugh of what I do.

– In an everyday hectic office situation you don’t always find the time to calm down. Like me, if I am very concentrated I forget to breathe proper, Onstad supply from beside her.

– Most people need more awareness on how they breathe.


BREATH THERAPIST: Elisabeth Finocchiaro.​ Photo: Irene R. Mejelde


ONSTAD’S PART of their lectures focuses on how to avoid getting overwhelmed when you are touring the social media. She thinks that if you wish to affect people, Facebook and Instagram is a great way to spread your good messages.

– There you can inspire and get inspired. It is so easy to use them and to create your own network. But I myself am very strict with what contacts I am connected to. I make sure that what I see is what I want to see, she says.

– There is so much information out there and you yourself have to take responsibility of who you are following.

In front of the startup Finocchiaro attended business factory at Etablerersenteret.

– It was great to feel supported of people from different fields and professionals in Bergen commune she says smiling.

– Everyone there is so positive and inclusive and to know that my consultant June Kristiansen is there for support has meant a lot to me.

As an answer to the question of why they wished to start their own business Onstad answers:

– We wanted to create our own job, and Finocchiaro determines:

– We are both very passionate and creative people. If it doesn’t exist, we will create it.


MEDIA EXPERT: Martine Onstad. Photo: Irene R. Mjelde


THE TWO GRÜNDERS are proud of what they have achieved in a short period of time and the most proud the two colleagues are is of each other.

– It all went so fast and easy, Onstad says.

They met at a café and started talking. Later on they stayed in contact through Instagram and at one point Finocchiaro asked Onstad:

– Do you teach privately about social media?

– I am thinking about it, Onstad replied.

– We should do something together, Finocchiaro suggested moments later.

And now, after half a year, the two company owners are ready to get their vision out to the world.

– The two of us have a very different energy. Elisabeth is very calm and balanced and I myself is more of an energetic person. Together we complement each other.

– Working with Martine has opened my eyes. If you can find a business partner that inspire you and cares about you everything gets easier. No one should settle for working with people who brings them down, Finocchiaro says.

Onstad and Finocchiaro’s best advice to others that are thinking of starting their own business is: “Just do it! Choose something you are passionate about and trust it will work out”.

Their own dream for the future is to stand on an international scene speaking to thousands.

– We are absolutely sure that Dare to be you is a movement worth following.


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Read more about Dare to be you at www.daretobeyou.no


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