How to put your best digital foot forward as a company

Want to learn how to present your website and social media the best way? Join us at Link Up @ The Library(free breakfast meeting) Monday November 12th at 09.15-11.00

Synopsis: Your digital presence - website, social media - is your company's online representative. So make sure that there're no missteps and that your digital presence accurately represents your business. Many companies, both small and large, fail to take into account the time and effort needed to burnish your online credentials, causing them to lose business opportunities. Learn how to create a big online presence, even if you're a small company, and why good Business English matters regardless of your company size. 


Speaker Anu Nathan: 

I have worked mostly as a journalist and content creator for the last 25 years in Asia, the US and the Middle East. But, I have also previously worked as a public relations consultant advising companies such as Microsoft and Linksys in Singapore in matters related to communications and image. Public relations is a passion of mine, and I am pursuing it again, especially in the digital sphere. Join me for this talk to learn how to create a clear and compelling online presence. 




Link Up @ The Library are free breakfast meetings

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