Canceled the physical breakfast meeting: My Business Adventures

Unfortunately, we have to cancel upcoming breakfast meeting "My Business Adventures» 17.11.20 due to the new guidelines for infection control and prevention measures. But good news :), Jon Jon will make a Video version of "My Business Adventures" instead, and take us through his journey from employee to entrepreneur. We will share the video with you as soon as it is ready. Stay tuned!

You have probably visited or heard about Typ Bergen buy/ sell/ trade store in Sverres Gate 5, Bergen. Jon Jon is owner/partner of this concept. 

TYP Bergen is a clothing store specializing in designer vintage and hyped clothes. They buy, sell and trade with clients. It’s a unique store with a great concept.
Nothing like it exist in Norway. / Instagram - @TypBergen

Jon will take us through his adventures from employee to entrepreneur.
A guide into becoming the ultimate hustler. 

  • A look into the mindset of a go-getter. 
  • My personal accounts on growth and achievements. 
  • How to frame your mind to become a business person/entrepreneur. 
  • How to attract the tools and resources you need to manifest your business plans.
  • How to make ideas/dreams into committed goals, with the power of decisions.


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