The entrepreneurial journey - Iben Bergstrøm

Join our free digital breakfast meeting on Monday May 31st at 09:00 and hear Iben Bergstrøm talk about how she has worked with her startups, creativity and digital marketing.


Iben Bergstrøm is a Bergen based fashion designer, content producer and digital strategist at Bergstrøm Consulting – and she lectures at BI Norwegian Business School. Iben is passionate about building bridges between creativity, marketing and business development – hence she launched her fashion brand Color Vision in 2019. Iben will lecture about how she built a presence with personal branding before launching her business, creativity, the power of digital marketing, and the importance of marching to the beat of ones own drum, for better or for worse.   

FREE – Everybody is welcome to join. 

Practical information: 
You will receive an email with the link to join the event the day before the event.



We look forward to having you attend!

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